iPhone 11 Cases

Get only the latest iPhone 11 cases from Nudient. We created only the best cases that are durable and functional. Click here to find out more.

iPhone 11 Cases

Whether you need a phone case for an iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro Max, Nudient has multi-purpose iPhone 11 cases that come in 12 different colors fit for every personality. We think beyond style as our designer iPhone 11 case is created for comfort and versatility.

Essential Phone Cases For iPhone 11

With Nudient, the best iPhone 11 cases are more than just having style, and they have one ultimate purpose: to protect the phone from dents and scratches. Our designer iPhone 11 case is not only for protection but also for several functions. We designed a phone case with built-in MagSafe magnets that are used with MagSafe devices. MagSafe is used for wireless charging and magnetic accessories including our very own leather cardholders. Our phone case hugs and mimics the entire shape of the iPhone, making it precise and feel like the original one. It won't feel too bulky since its slim design is smooth and matte covered.

Accessories To Use With Our iPhone 11 Cases

To get the most out of our iPhone 11 cases, check out our selection of leather cardholders that sticks to the back of our iPhone cases. The colors we have are fantastic and complements each color very well, so you can mix and match according to your style. Our cardholders are designed to hold up to three cards and can even act as a stand-alone wallet if needed. If you prefer a clear iPhone 11 case to show the original look of your iPhone, we have them as well. Nudient has an iPhone 11 clear case that is made of transparent semi-soft TPU plastic. Although it does not come with a MagSafe magnet, it still works well with wireless charging. If you decide to add one of our AirPods Pro cases, you'll get a 30% discount when you purchase a bundle from us.