iPhone 11 Pro Cases

Shop from a wide selection of iPhone 11 Pro cases from Nudient. Plus, get 30% off when you build a kit. Choose between everything from card holders and AirPods cases to lightning cables and screen protectors.

iPhone 11 Pro Cases

Whatever iPhone model you have, you probably should protect it with a strong iPhone case. Though Apple says their iPhones are made of ceramic shields, you still can't protect them from getting dents or scratches from unforeseen events. From an iPhone 11 Pro Max case to iPhone 11 Pro cases, Nudient has the solution for you.

Minimalist Cases For iPhone 11 Pro

Our iPhone 11 Pro case is simple but with all the right features you need. The entire bottom edge of the case is covered for protection but with small openings for the charger and speakers. Holding our phone case feels incredibly soft with its smooth matte covering. Plus, the inner lining of the cover is made of soft textile fabric, making sure the back and edges of the phone won't get a single scratch. What's even better - our phone cases are integrated with MagSafe magnets that are compatible with MagSafe products and magnetic accessories. Slap items like our magnetic cardholders or easily charge with a wireless charger. With our cases, anything is possible. Get the same features with our iPhone 11 Pro Max case!

Get A Bundle With Our iPhone 11 Pro Cases

Get the best protection by shopping for our bundles. You can build a kit and get 30% off on your purchase. After choosing from our wide selection of iPhone 11 Pro cases, pair it up with an iPhone 11 Pro screen protector to ensure you won't get screen scratches. Make it fully functional by getting a magnetic cardholder from Nudient. Easily attach it without the fuss of adhesives with our MagSafe magnets, allowing such a seamless fit! Our cardholders can carry up to three cards and can be used as a thin minimalist wallet. It comes in several colors that effortlessly match every color of a Nudient iPhone 11 case. Choose from dark tones like ink black and midwinter blue or light earthy tones like misty green and saffron yellow. To complete the bundle, finish it off with an AirPods Pro case if you need one. They're made of polypropylene plastic that allows wireless charging as well. Purchase today and enjoy fast deliveries for a great price.